[TriLUG] OT: local laptop repair recommendation

Christopher L Merrill chris at webperformance.com
Fri Jul 7 22:07:25 EDT 2006

I wanted to relate my last two experiences with a local shop - both

The store is "Absolute Computers" - http://absoluteraleigh.com/ - in Cary.

I should preface this with a caveat - my Thinkpad is critical for
doing my job.  If it is not working, then I'm not working - which
is a direct hit to the bottom line for our small company.  So while
I don't want to throw away money, I need this thing working all the
time.  I use it 10 or more hours a day and a good amount on weekends.

A month or two ago, my Thinkpad T30 suddenly only had 512M memory - it
previously had 1G.  After a quick google, I called up "Len" at Absolute
and he identified the problem quickly (apparently T30s are known to
have problems with the front slot. Even though many of the online
sites claim the T30 can only handle 512M modules, he assured me that
it could handle a 1G module - allowing me to stay at 1G RAM using
only 1 module.  He even traded me a 1G module for my 2 512M modules
for a small fee on the spot.

Yesterday, the display died.  Worked fine with an external monitor.
I called him up, he said to stop by and he'd check it out immediately.
In less time than it took me to have lunch, he diagnosed the problem
and had it ready by the time I could get back to the shop.  $250
installed for a replacement LCD screen - all done in about an hour.

BTW, they seem to specialize in laptops.

I should warn you though, their shop is a hole-in-the-wall.  The first
time I walked in I thought "I don't think I want to leave my precious
Thinkpad _here_".  The shop is not impressive, but the service is.


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