David Pcolar david_pcolar at unc.edu
Tue Jul 18 13:49:09 EDT 2006

Andrew Ball wrote:

>>/ I'm sure you  thought this through, but remember 1 LUN = 1 mount point.
/>/> There's no LUN sharing - especially in a Win environment.

>I don't know a whole lot about storage arrays or clustered filesystems, but
>don't filesystems like GFS provide some sort of coherency when logical units
>are shared?

I don't have direct experience with GFS - just via the Docs.  It works with shared LUNs, but what are the performance costs?
Pushing the data along with state metadata in real time across the net.  It may be slow unless you are local or have low latency connections.
I certainly wouldn't try to run an Oracle instance on it. ;-) 


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