[TriLUG] Linux PDA hacking

Jeff Tickle jeff at jefftickle.com
Wed Jul 19 14:24:43 EDT 2006

> Howdy,


> I'm about to purchase a PDA, primarily for the usual calendar, contacts,
> notes sortof thing.  Given that many seem to have 802.11 support and
> there are linux distros that *apparently* support them, I thought I may
> as well try a hacker-friendly one to fool around with.

I have to say, the Nokia 770 and Zaurus * are VERY easy to work with.

> Anyone actively use/hack a linux-based PDA?  Opie/Familiar?  iPaq?

... not actively as my internal battery has become useless, but I once
hacked a good bit on the iPaq H3600.  Playing with Familiar can be
pretty rewarding.  Just don't brick your ipaq ;-)


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