[TriLUG] linksys WRT54g v.5

OlsonE at aosa.army.mil OlsonE at aosa.army.mil
Mon Aug 7 08:19:13 EDT 2006

I've been using DD-WRT on a WRT54GS v.2 (the one with 32mb) and have no
issues. I also have RR Premium going through there, and 2 desktops.

I haven't played with OpenWRT. I've played with Sveasoft ...and hated
the whole licensing bit... So I dropped it.

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Rick DeNatale wrote:
> On 8/5/06, Cristobal Palmer <cristobalpalmer at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Two-part question:
>> I've heard that the v.5 WRTs have a nasty habit of resetting if 
>> you're doing something like voip. I'm wondering (1) if this happens 
>> with just normal home use. I'm looking here for responses from people

>> with direct experience with v.5 WRTs.
>> (2) For putting Linux (dd-wrt) on a v.5, any gotchas or caveats? Is 
>> this a good walkthrough:
> It's probably a bit off topic but...
> I still haven't re-flashed my WRT, but the last time I looked, 
> open-wrt was looking like a better candidate than dd-wrt. It seemed to

> be more capable and I think that it's caught up with dd-wrt's 
> "advantage" of having a web interface.
> I'm interested in opinions on dd vs open for when I eventually to to 
> that "round-tuit"
Haven't used DD, but I've been very happy with OpenWRT.
I've used it on a couple of WRT54G's now.

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