[TriLUG] Re: OSS Backup software and mulitple OS clients - Got it working

Roy Vestal rvestal at trilug.org
Mon Aug 7 16:37:26 EDT 2006

Ok...One question the client asked that I *didn't* know the answer:

When we go to restore a file, I can restore *any* client from *any* 
other client. We only want the client to be able to restore it's own 
backups and not any others.

Now with the demo, I just used the "stock" defaults for bacula. Anyone 
know how to lock down the clients access?


Roy Vestal wrote:
> Getting the dependencies for the devel packages...mainly it was 
> wxconsole. I don't remember as I haven't yet started the production 
> server install. I have it on my demo machine and have to present it to 
> the client. Once they ok it, then I can go forward. This client likes 
> gui, even for the console. :)
> which console do you use? std bconsole?
> Lance A. Brown wrote:
>> Roy Vestal wrote:
>>> Well, I got it working.  And once it's setup, it's quite nice. I'm going
>>> to set this up to backup to a NAS.
>>> Here are the nuts and bolts:
>>> - CentOS 4.3
>>> - Compiled Bacula 1.38.11. Note - Could not get the rpms to work, nor
>>> the src.rpm to recompile without having to barf the libs , so don't mess
>>> with the rpms or src.rpm. Compile from the tarball or roll your own rpm.
>>> - PostgreSQL 7.3 ("stock" in CentOS)
>>> - Windows Client 1.38.11
>> What problems did you have with the RPMs?  I've got a CentOS 4.3 based
>> bacula server and have had no problems at all rebuilding the RPMs for my
>> system at each new rev of 1.38.
>> --[Lance]

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