[TriLUG] I see an exchange server in my future

Ryan Leathers ryan.leathers at globalknowledge.com
Wed Aug 9 15:23:56 EDT 2006

+1 for OpenXchange

I helped a small business get started a few years ago with OpenXchange.
Since then they have grown to roughly 80 employees. They all use Outlook
with all the shared calendar and folder junk.  The employees have no
idea that there is no Microsoft server on the other end.  Samba, LDAP,
NTP, DHCP and DNS are all run from this single server as this was the
default in the initial installation.  I believe backups and the mail
store have been moved to a CORAID.

They upgraded it recently but have had only one issue in 3+ years which
they solved with a per incident support purchase.  The support guy
actually SSH'd in and fixed their issue.  

The guy who administers it from day to day is a very junior sysadmin
type.  There has been no real care and feeding other than creating and
deleting users and lists from the admin GUI.  It has been perfect for
them, and has been amazingly cheap in $TCO

On Tue, 2006-08-08 at 18:31 -0400, Jim Davis wrote:
> I just performed an evaluation for my school district, looking at Kerio
> MailServer (the incumbent and winner), MS Exchange, CommuniGate, Gordano,
> Zimbra Collaboration Suite, OpenXchange and one other.  I've also used
> GroupWise, which is pretty good.  Our issues were performance, client
> hardware requirements, integration with PDAs and support for the many Apple
> machines in use.  Straight Outlook integration is easy with most of these,
> and Kerio MailServer 6.2 works well, is cheap, supports many OS's.  Kerio
> has a few problems, but its cheapness overcomes them.  Hope this helps!
> Regards, Jim
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> Subject: [TriLUG] I see an exchange server in my future
> It appears that there will an Exchange Server in my future. The boss man 
> is wedded/addicted to Outlook and cannot be separated from it.
> I have been looking around for an Open Source alternative to avoid 
> feeding the Evil Empire of Redmond, WA.
> My initial search has come up with several candidates such as 
> Exchange4Linux, OpenXchange and OpenGroup.
> Can anyone suggest to me other alternatives or provide additional input?
> The platform will most likely be Ubuntu.
> Thanks in advance,
> Neil Little, WA4AZL
> JARS Forever!!...er TRILUG too!
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