[TriLUG] SMB PDF printing - mixed results, examples to compare

Josh Vickery josh at vickeryj.com
Thu Aug 10 09:25:49 EDT 2006

I'm not familiar enough with the pdf format to be able to determine
the cause of this, but my guess is that adobe is embedding font
definitions in the document, and that's why the green checkmarks and
bullets show up ok.  This explanation is also consistent with the
relative sizes of the two documents, "adobe.pdf" is more than twice
the size of "smb_pdf.pdf".  Have you checked the content of the
postscript file before it is converted to pdf?


On 8/10/06, David McDowell <turnpike420 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm having some strange results with my SMB PDF prints and wanted to
> share them for comments/suggestions.  I have 2 examples, one was
> created by Adobe Acrobat 6 Pro on my XP workstation, and the other was
> printed to the Linux based SMB PDF printer (on CentOS 4) from Word on
> my XP workstation.  The driver associated with the SMB PDF printer on
> my workstation is the "HP Business Inkjet 3000 PS" currently (which is
> a fairly recent driver).  I have also tried a wide variety of other PS
> drivers such as the Color LaserJet 8500 PS, HP LaserJet 4200 PS, and
> HP LaserJet 4000 Series PS.  Although obviously some of these drivers
> are not color and some are, they all produce the same problems in the
> resulting PDF.  The Adobe one shows the page converted to PDF
> correctly.  The SMB PDF one shows how that setup is not performing up
> to par.  Is there something I may be missing that I haven't thought of
> or are there some sucky limitations to ps2pdf and ghostscript stuff?
> http://www.turnpike420.net/~dmcdowell/adobe.pdf
> http://www.turnpike420.net/~dmcdowell/smb_pdf.pdf
> thanks,
> David
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