[TriLUG] Excellent meeting, and a question

David McDowell turnpike420 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 23:35:04 EDT 2006

I'm glad to have helped inspire you, as well as give you a good laugh
(at first).  Currently I know zip, nada, nothing about Asterisk or
Festival (except what their basic function should be), but if we get
the new IT person we are hoping for at work, I have a good idea that I
will be introduced to it all and I can't wait!  He is who introduced
the very idea to me, quite novel, and I LOVE the spin you put on it...
dial x to acknowledge (setting the Nagios acknowledge obviously)...
very keen.  :)  Also, thank you Chris (and Kevin) for the nod that
nrpe-nt works well as I too have some win systems and services to
monitor.  So far my poor Nagios implementation only does PING to all
my hosts and monitors my web services.  I have lots more to configure!
 Thank you Jason and Ian for your presentation.


heh, I see mr carnes has already chimed in... nice, this is fun stuff.  :)

David McDowell

On 8/10/06, Chris Knowles <chrisk at trilug.org> wrote:
> Many Kudos to our esteemed presenters Jason and Ian for an excellent
> presentation on a really exciting project.
> (Can you tell I use Nagios every day?)
> A member of the peanut gallery (Thank you David) mentioned an off the
> cuff idea of using Asterisk and Festival to have the system call your
> voice # with alerts.
> At first I thought this idea just so much silliness, but in talking it
> over with people, it occurred to me that this, with a prompt to dial 7
> (or whatever your favorite number is) to acknowledge the problem would
> be excellent.
> My knowledge of Asterisk not being what it perhaps should be, I just
> wanted to know if this is remotely possible?  Is it, perhaps, easily
> done?  The only thing that Asterisk would have to do is echo a line into
> a file so that Nagios can pick it up and act on the acknowledgment.
> Thanks to the presenters, and thanks to any Asterisk people for their
> advice.
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