[TriLUG] IDE Recommendations?

OlsonE at aosa.army.mil OlsonE at aosa.army.mil
Tue Jan 2 06:20:21 EST 2007

Anjuta was the one I was using btw -- I went home forgetting that we
disabled OWA (Outlook Web Access -- for you non Windows types).


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On Sat, 2006-12-30 at 00:49 -0500, Tom Bryan wrote:
> I couldn't remember the name, so I had to find it again.  It was 
> listed with a bunch of other IDEs on this page:
> http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Devtools/ides.html

Wow, that is quite a list!  So far, I've tried out Sourcenav/insight and
ddd.  The interface for sourcenav/insight I found to be a bit
unintuitive, but the programs are very functional together and once you
get the hang of them they are very usable.  I also tried out ddd and I
really like it as a debugger!  I'm building Anjuta right now, but I
really liked what I saw on their website.  Thanks for all the pointers

Randy Barlow
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