[TriLUG] Linux based CMS for home website

Jason S. Evans tgeek at geekspaces.net
Tue Jan 2 18:47:27 EST 2007

   I'm using Xoops 2.2.5 with the Wordpress plugin.  That way, I get  
the full functionality of Xoops and it's plugins, but also Wordpress  
and all of its plugins.  The best thing is that I can fit 5-copies of  
Xoops and Wordpress (one for each area of my website) into one MySQL  
DB, using different table headers.

Best Regards,
Jason Evans

Quoting Roy Vestal <rvestal at trilug.org>:

> I'm looking a Linux based CMS for my homepage, cause frankly, i suck at
> designing pages. I just want to setup a basic page, then add content.
> I've been looking at MediaWiki but I don't think it's going to do what
> I would like at home.
> Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions.
> Thanks
> Roy
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