[TriLUG] IDE Recommendations?

Roy Vestal rvestal at trilug.org
Wed Jan 3 23:37:32 EST 2007

Not to start a flamewar but to start a flamewar:

Because it's not vi!


tomed at bellsouth.net wrote:
> Nobody has mentioned emacs yet? Howcome?
> At Tue, 02 Jan 2007 22:46:04 -0500,
> Roy Vestal wrote:
>> If you're looking for a text editor on steroids, try ScITE. It's not an 
>> IDE, but it's an editor I use that recognizes multiple langs, c, c++, 
>> shell, vbscript, bat, html, xml, etc. Since I have to live in both 
>> Windows and Unix land, I use it for most of my work. It's also editable 
>> and OSS/FS. It has *nix and win32 installs
>> http://www.scintilla.org/SciTE.html
>> William Sutton wrote:
>>> Hrm.  Well, just so everyone is aware where I stand on these things[1], 
>>> I'm not tied to any particular IDE.  As a matter of fact, I prefer a much 
>>> looser environment[2], to wit: console vim, and my language of choice 
>>> (usually Perl, but I'm flexible).  However I'm also just smart enough[3] 
>>> to realize that what is my optimal solution may not be someone else's.
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