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Thu Jan 4 10:13:47 EST 2007

give http://cserv.sourceforge.net/ a try

On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 10:07:57AM -0500, 
Steve Kuekes wrote:
> I've got an web Cam application that I need to run.  Before I go 
> google'ing all over trying to find something open source Linux based 
> that will do what I want I figured someone must already be doing this 
> and can provide some recommendations.
> Here's the app.  I have a broadband mobile access card for my laptop 
> from Alltel which I have working with Linux (FC4).  I'd like to hook up 
> a webcam to this system and send the images to my Linux server on the 
> internet and have that server provide video streaming functions from my 
> web site to possibly hundreds of simultaneous users.  So I guess I need 
> some kind of streaming app for my laptop and a relay streaming type app 
> for my internet server.
> Let me know if anyone's doing this.  Thanks in advance.
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> Steve Kuekes
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