[TriLUG] Looking for good price on Xeon

Roy Vestal rvestal at trilug.org
Fri Jan 5 07:54:55 EST 2007

I second that motion from Matt. I used to work as a linux developer on 
these servers (the 226). The problem will be the heatsink and *IIRC*, 
the VRM that goes along with the second CPU (so many IBM's running 
through my head).

Anyway, I'd suggest you bite the bullet and get it from IBM. If you get 
it from them, they are guaranteeing you that it will work in your 226.

The part number from IBM will be Option PN 40K2515 (FRU PN 13M8293). Got 
it from:

Roy (*former* IBM Linux Developer/Systems Admin)

Matthew J. Lavigne wrote:
> Carl Crider wrote:
>> Hey there,
>> We have an IBM xSeries 226 [86484AU] server, and I need another Xeon
>> 3.0GHZfor it.
>> Just looking for the best local deal I can get it. If not, I'll just 
>> use the
>> interweb.
>> Thanks,
>> Carl
> Have fun with that, cause the problem will not be the CPU but the 
> Heatsink...
> Matthew, who has been down that path before.

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