[TriLUG] mysql.com account executive

J.C. Jones jonesjc at intrex.net
Mon Jun 18 16:33:29 EDT 2007


I received two messages The first was:

reply to: rich at mysql.com
Mr. Rich Kelm
Corporate Sales Representative
rich at mysql.com <mailto:rich at mysql.com>
PH: 360.881.0070
FX: 206.374.2200

The second was: reply to: kelly at mysql.com Both subject lines were simply 

Since I wasn't expecting any email from MYSQL, they were promptly dump 
in trash. I had not deleted them yet.


stan briggs wrote:

>has anyone (especially recently) gotten what are, obviously, a mass mailing
>from someone at mysql.com claiming(!) that they're responding to a question
>that you have about mysql?
>i got the below from these folks and am more-than-slightly perturbed by what
>i consider to be SPAM:
>Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I just received
>your message about needing more information regarding MySQL. You may
>have specific needs that are different from others, so it might make
>sense if we had a brief chat over the phone....would you be open to
>If you prefer to give me a call, that's fine too (919-341-8985).
>Our call together would simply be a question-and-answer conversation
>to learn more about your situation and your needs. Let me know your
>Kind regards,
>Sumeet Sood, Corporate Sales Rep
>MySQL Inc, www.mysql.com
>Office: 919-341-8985
>Fax:     919-882-8136
>is this merely mis-leading or is it SPAM?

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