[TriLUG] LG Joins Microsoft's Open Source Protection Club

Marc linuxr at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 10:49:00 EDT 2007


I originally posted this quite a few days ago but it has for some
reason not made it through to be posted to the list.  Let's hope this
one makes it --Marc

See link


LG Electronics is the latest company to join Microsoft's open source
protection plan. The consumer electronics manufacturer agreed to give
the software giant access to its intellectual property in exchange for
the chance to use embedded open source technology -- which may
technically violate Microsoft patents -- in its products without the
threat of litigation.


 This is getting to be a real world case of The Emperor's New Clothes.
 It is time for some unity within this movement.  For linux and other
OSS to survive we must not let *Microsoft* define open source software
as dangerous.

 I guess the other insight is that despite how the situation is NOW
(with just a few companies announced) - if several dozen companies
band together like this, the battle will be more and more uphill.  At
some point, regardless of how solid a legal case is --- if lots of
businesses agree that (unless you pay the mob boss) linux is dangerous
and bad, then what?


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