[TriLUG] Generational differences in Free/Open Source Software world (was Re: OT: Job - $12/hr WOW!)

Kevin Flanagan flanagannc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 19:12:35 EDT 2007

Don't forget that free software actually predates what you would now call
FOSS by quite a few years, in large part done by pre boomers. For DEC PDP,
Dec 10/20, and VAX systems DECUS maintained a library of free software that
started pretty early, I'd guess that it started early in the 60's.  IBM had
a similar group that had a library of free software.  It's not the same, but
clearly a predecessor.

I'm definitely in the tail end of the boomer phase, born in 59.   Crap I
feel old some days..... ;')


On 6/19/07, Magnus <magnus at trilug.org> wrote:
> Phillip Rhodes wrote:
> > And for what it's worth, I reject the term "Generation X" totally
> > and completely and claim no association with that group and it's
> > supposed traits.  :-)
> +1
> It's just a marketing term made to pigeonhole people, suggest how they
> should be if they want to fit in and be like the other cool people their
> age.
> Bollocks!
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