[TriLUG] [OT] local recording studio?

Kevin J. mrkevinj at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 10:49:11 EDT 2007

Can you explain more about what you are actually attempting to do? Is this simply reading text from a page? Does it need to be high quality? You may want to look at a T2S system such as the one MIT is using (www.audiodizer.com).

Also, in keeping this related to Linux and VOIP, Trixbox just released a Virtual Appliance of Trixbox 2.2 with SugarCRM: http://www.tuxdistro.com/torrents-details.php?id=345


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I've been calling several (audio) recording studios in Chapel Hill,
Carrboro and Durham, but none have returned my calls.

I'm looking for recommendations.

I'm looking to record simple voice audio (no music, just spoken
words), but there's a lot of it--probably about 25 or 30 hours worth
of studio time. If you know somebody who'd be of help or if you
yourself can help out, I'd appreciate a response.

To make this an eeeentsy bit linux-discussion-list-worthy: the end
result will be in a database on a Linux box that does VoIP.

Cristóbal M. Palmer
administrator!!! please hope me!
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