[TriLUG] More free (and not free) stuff..

Chander Ganesan chander at otg-nc.com
Mon Jul 2 11:01:48 EDT 2007

sorry for the individual messages, I keep thinking I have no more stuff 
to get rid of, and I do.

I have a belkin 550VA UPS that seems to no longer work.  I want to get 
rid of it.  I'm sure that the battery in it is fine..it just that the 
UPS itself is crapped out.

I also have a Mr. Coffee brand 12 cup coffee maker, new in box, take a 
no-longer working projector lamp and its yours (the gotcha here is that 
the projector lamp cannot be disposed of in a landfill, so you've got to 
figure out how to get rid of it...if you work someplace like IBM or 
Cisco, its a snap...since they will have a procedure in place to deal 
with it)  Otherwise, I think the county has a free disposal place for 
it, you've just got to figure out where it is. 

I also have a Dell Optiplex GX110 with no hard drive, as far as I know 
it works, but it has not been powered in in 3+ years.

I have a no-name system (case) with a (generic) motherboard in it and a 
(Genuine Intel) Celeron CPU that (as a system) don't work (not sure what 
part of it does not work) (possibly because it has no power supply, but 
it could be a MB problem as well).  The bonus is it does have 512 MB of 
DDR RAM, and a celeron CPU in it.  It's yours if you want it.  I can 
probably scare up a PS2 keyboard and mouse for it as well.

I've also probably got some PS2 keyboards and mice hanging about, if 
anyone wants 'em email me and I'll try to find 'em.  If you do something 
with them that ould earn you good karma (and hence a little flow through 
to me, I need all that I can get) I'm more inclined to give 'em to you.

I've got about 30 x 40 GB IDE drives, I'm not opposed to getting rid of 
some of them, make me an offer...

On a side note.  We aren't getting rid of crap 'cause we are going out 
of business...it's cause we are expanding and need some space. :-)


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