[TriLUG] OT: Job Posting - Developer

Ron Joffe rjoffe at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 8 17:22:13 EDT 2007

The position opening is for developer(s) in a small, but well established 
consulting, development and project implementation operation. We are looking 
for a jack of all trades, someone who is comfortable with just about any 
language, and can fit the right tool for the job at hand.

  - Self motivated.
  - Minimum supervision.
  - Pick up new subjects and materials in a minimum of time. 
  - Must be able to balance multiple project workloads.
  - Minimum 4 years experience. The more seasoned, the better.
  - Strong Linux / Unix Background.
  - Need strong skills in Java and C.

  - Experience with electric utilities a big plus.
  - Experience with asterisk a plus.
  - Comfortable coding in both open source and closed source environments.
  - Oracle Development / Administration skills a bonus.
  - Compensation will be based solely on experience and ability. 
  - Inclination to work from a small office, and/or from a home office. 
  - Extremely flexible work environment and compensation package.
  - Telecommute 100% if desired.

What kind of work we do:
  - Custom built IVR system built on top of Asterisk utilizing xml callflow 
definitions and tight Oracle Database interaction.
  - Development of graphical work flow tool on top of existing open-source 
architecture to build xml callflow for IVR project.
  - Java standalone reports that provides a very flexible infrastructure to 
allow easy customization of reports based on an XML specification stored 
within an Oracle DB.
  - Outage Management systems at Electric Utilities
  - Custom Development of Java based Mobile Data communications
  - GIS data conversion and visualization
  - Google Mashups

If you are the right person or know the right person please email me at 
ron.joffe at sienatech.com



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