[TriLUG] Local colocation for personal server

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Thu Oct 18 10:51:31 EDT 2007

I am currently running my own Debian VPS that hosts my own personal
site, as well as the Linux Reality podcast site.  The former gets
scant traffic, while the latter receives maybe a few thousand hits a
day and pushes maybe 20GB of bandwidth a month, at most.  It gets Dugg
from time to time, but really nothing too outrageous.

I am considering moving these sites to my own box, but would like to
have some security and power failure protection redundancy.  Thus, I
thought I might look for a colocation where maybe I can set up and
manage my own box.  I do not have a 1u server or anything, so it would
be a plain whitebox ATX formfactor machine.  Alternatively, I might be
open to purchasing a cheap 1U server if one presented itself.

Are there any local colocation facilities that might be amenable to
hosting a box like this and that also provide something at an
affordable "individual user" price?  Since I am comfortable managing
my own box, and would be responsible for my own OS installs and
hardware, and don't need much bandwidth, my needs are relatively
minimal.  Of course, offers for free or discounted service to help out
the LR podcast would be greatly appreciated as well.  :-)

Thanks for any recommendations.

Chess Griffin
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