[TriLUG] fighting with Perl on Windoze

Douglas A. Whitfield whitdoug at email.unc.edu
Wed Feb 27 21:50:53 EST 2008

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 11:43 PM, Justis Peters <jtrilug at indythinker.com> wrote:

>  A coworker of mine shared this link with me today and I thought of you.
>  "andLinux" is still in beta, but it might be an interesting option to
>  explore.  It might just solve your problem.  It certainly looks like a
>  better candidate than Cygwin.  Check out this blog post:
>  http://lifehacker.com/358208/seamlessly-run-linux-apps-on-your-windows-desktop
>  Best of luck.
>  Kind regards,
>  Justis Peters

Oh man, I fired this up remotely on my Vista machine at work.  I'm
typing from the Kubuntu version of Firefox in Vista right now.  Does
anybody happen to know how this shows up as a browser?  Does it show
web traffic as Linux or if I was using Konquerer with this thing would
it do something funny like say Konquerer on Vista?  Just curious
mostly.  Too bad there's not a GNOME version, but no biggie.  I
haven't put it through the wringer yet, but I assume it works better
than WINE.  So many things don't work in WINE, alas.  Now, how best to
make use of this thing...

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