[TriLUG] Change GID

James Tuttle jjtuttle at trilug.org
Tue Mar 18 21:22:11 EDT 2008

Right, sorry.  I can't change the GID on the Samba server for a couple
of reasons.  In fstab the mount command sets the uid and gid of the
files on the shared drive.  I also force user and group in the smb.conf
file of the server.

My mount works like so:

/home/jjtuttle/Documents/work/ndiipp_project/ndiipp_scripts smbfs
0 0

On the server the gid of the group who must own all the scripts is 10.
However, on my local machine, 10 is the gid of uucp.  Since I can't
change the gid on the server, I was hoping to change the gid of uucp on
my local machine.  I understand how to change gid with groupmod, but am
worried that doing so may wreck something.  I mean, if I create a local
group 'staff' with gid 10, and change the gid of uucp to 20, will the
files currently with gid 10 be screwed up?

Man, sometimes I just want to stuff to work.  Maybe a Windows Vista
license would.... bwah hahahahah!  Ok, back to sanity.

Thanks for helping,

Justis Peters wrote:
> James Tuttle wrote:
>> I realize that my last thread, symbolic links and rsync, failed to grasp 
>> the nature of the error and was thus misnamed.  I discovered that the 
>> Samba mount command in /etc/fstab was forcing UID 10, which on this 
>> machine is uucp.  I've found it much easier to work between various 
>> machines by synchronizing the UIDs and GIDs.  I'd like to change the GID 
>> of my local group uucp, but am worried about screwing something up.  Any 
>> tips on how I might change the GID without wrecking my desktop?
> Jim,
> I'm not exactly clear on your question.  As worded, it sounds like you 
> should just edit /etc/fstab and set the desired GID, but that sounds too 
> easy.  If that's not the answer, can you restate your question?  
> Ideally, we'd need to know the current state of the relevant group names 
> and GIDs on each machine involved and an explanation of what needs to 
> change.  My apologies that I'm not understanding the question as 
> currently stated.
> Best of luck.  This sounds like an annoying obstacle in something that 
> should otherwise be making your life easier.
> Kind regards,
> Justis

---Jim Tuttle
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