[TriLUG] rdesktop any good?

Owen oberry at trilug.org
Wed Mar 19 12:07:20 EDT 2008

Never had any problems with it. I can't really add to what everyone else
has said, other than that I use it to connect to a virtual XP instance
running on VMWare Server on my desktop, and I've used it to connect to
XP over an ssh tunnel from work to home.

Use grdesktop or tsclient as a GUI frontend for ease of clickable use.


On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 08:41:49AM -0400, Christopher L Merrill wrote:
> Anyone use rdesktop for connecting to XP, vista and/or server 2003
> machines?  How well does it work?  Is it reliable?  Work over VPNs?
> I use Windows remote desktop quite a bit to access other systems
> here and I need to know if that will still be viable if I switch
> to Linux instead of Vista for my next laptop.
> TIA!

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