[TriLUG] rdesktop any good?

Justis Peters jtrilug at indythinker.com
Wed Mar 19 15:48:07 EDT 2008

Matt Pusateri wrote:
> There was an article somewhere a bit ago(lost link) on using vmware 
> player to point to the windows partition of your dual bootable machine, 
> such that you don't have to convert it and you don't have to build a new 
> vm.  You modify the vmx file to point to the block location of your 
> windows partition.  I assume if it worked in player you could do it in 
> workstation as well.  If anyone knows of that article, please share.  It 
> was on /. , or osnews or one of them.
This technique should also provide a performance advantage over 
installing it in a "sparse disk", which I think is VMware's default 
mode.  Running from a native partition will be much faster.  If there's 
already an article that provides instructions for this, I strongly 
advocate this path.

Kind regards,
Justis Peters

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