[TriLUG] Removing password from SSL cert

Brian Henning Brian.Henning at datadirect.com
Fri Mar 21 13:26:36 EDT 2008

Hi Gang,

Some time ago, I created a certificate for my web server, had it signed
by CACert, and installed it.  Works great.  Only problem is, when I
created it I gave it a password, which of course means Apache prompts
for the password each time it starts up.

This is of course not a problem if I am restarting apache intentionally.
I just type it in and go.

It is a problem if my server has to reboot for some other reason, for
example a power outage that outlasts my UPS's battery.

Is there a way to remove a password from a certificate, or do I just
have to revoke the old one and create a new one with no password and get
it signed, etc. etc. ?


Brian A. Henning
Support Engineer

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