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Maxwell Spangler maxpublic08 at maxwellspangler.com
Mon Mar 31 01:10:29 EDT 2008

Can we see an hdparm -tT on the flash based disc space on your EEE pc?

Also (to the group), since flash memory can only be written to so many times, 
does that mean that EEEPC might have longevity problems that a laptop with 
replacement hard drives wouldn't have?  Will EEEpcs just become flaky in the 
long term and be unuseable due to soldered flash memory? curious.

On Sun, 30 Mar 2008, Jim Tuttle wrote:

> I was hoping to bring mine (well, it actually belongs to the Libraries)
> to the April 10th meeting, but I have to pick my wife up from the
> airport.  People are free to drop by the NC State Libraries (D.H. Hill)
> and try mine.  Parking will likely kill you, though.
> Jim
> om Roche wrote:
>> Douglas Ward Thu Mar 27 12:35:46 EDT 2008
>> > I saw a big [Asus] Eee pc display at the computer shop next to the
>> > Alltel store on Walnut Street in Cary.  Don't remember the name of
>> > the pc shop,
>> Anything PC
>> http://www.anythingpc.net/index.html
>> Doesn't have hours on their site, but IIRC they're MTHF 10-8, W 10-6,
>> S 10-4, closed U.
>> > It's in the big Best Buy shopping center across the street from
>> > Crossroads Ford.
>> Correct. When I went in Saturday, I didn't see a big display, but they
>> did have a 4G available for use (though not on wireless, alas), so I
>> was able to ascertain that
>> * the screen, though definitely small, is usable
>> * the keyboard will take some getting used to
>> * performance seemed snappy (with the caveat that it wasn't really
>>    networking)
>> * Xandros is not too weird
>> FWIW, Tom Roche <Tom_Roche at pobox.com>

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