[TriLUG] hands-on Eee

James Tuttle jjtuttle at trilug.org
Mon Mar 31 15:59:44 EDT 2008

I have a couple of thoughts about the Eee.  First, it's annoying that 
the network manager doesn't consolidate distinct wireless access points. 
  Here at NC State we have lots of Cisco APs around and my Thinkpad 
running Ubuntu consolidates them all into one network transparently.  I 
can then walk around the building without dropping connections.  Not so 
the Eee.  I see a dozen <NCSU> access points and I believe the 
connection drops each time I switch to a new one since it doesn't switch 

I love the tabbed desktop.  Very useful.

The keyboard is annoying as hell, but better than the tapping interface 
in my Nokia 770.  It's tiny, right?  Must overlook.  It gets easier with 

Sleep and resume are both fast and stable. ++

It's nice for conferences, I guess, but I'd rather take my Thinkpad.  We 
also have many of the iPod Touch for checkout at the Libraries and I 
love it for web browsing.  Too bad it isn't more hackable like the 770. 
  With these options, the Eee is only so-so.  Others here love it, 
though.  We're trying to come up with use cases for buying some of the 
larger screened models.


Maxwell Spangler wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, James Tuttle wrote:
> Asus eeePC with solid state disc:
>> eeeps-dli:/root> /opt/asusdiag-0.1/hdparm -tT /dev/sda1
>> /dev/sda1:
>>  Timing cached reads:  1324 MB in 2.00 seconds = 661.82 MB/sec
>>  Timing buffered disk reads: 66 MB in 3.03 seconds = 21.78 MB/sec
> 2005 HP ZT3000 laptop with 1.5Ghz Pentium-M CPU and 2007 era 160G Seagate 
> 7200RPM HD (parallel ATA, I might add):
> /dev/sda:
>   Timing cached reads:   912 MB in  2.00 seconds = 455.63 MB/sec
>   Timing buffered disk reads:  122 MB in  3.01 seconds =  40.50 MB/sec
> I'm surprised the disc speed on the eeePC isn't faster since its flash RAM not 
> a spindle.  Your memory seems to be faster than mine which is interesting.
> I think the original question of whether swapping would have more of an impact 
> on a SSD drive vs a fast HD remains open..

---Jim Tuttle
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