[TriLUG] Wordpress alternatives

Randy Barlow randy at electronsweatshop.com
Mon Mar 31 21:55:03 EDT 2008

Randy Barlow wrote:
> I used to use Wordpress for a blog a while back, and I remember liking 
> it (pretty much had the feature set I wanted, no more, no less).  But, 
> it seems like there have been some major security issues with Wordpress 
> as of late, and it's even masked in Gentoo because of those.  What 
> alternatives would you Triluggers recommend?  I've played with Joomla 
> before, but it's pretty heavy and clunky for my tastes (though it does 
> have the features I like).  What else should I consider?

I should mention that I would really like something that is marked 
stable in Gentoo's portage.  Of all the options on [1], only b2evolution 
is marked stable.  I actually discovered that Joomla is even marked 

[1] http://www.mitchelaneous.com/2007/09/19/9-wordpress-alternatives/

Randy Barlow

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