[TriLUG] Wordpress alternatives

Randy Barlow randy at electronsweatshop.com
Tue Apr 1 14:41:48 EDT 2008

Cristóbal Palmer wrote:
> It's a blog. WTF are you doing worrying about its security? If you
> want to be "secure" don't blog.

There was a really good photography blog that went down recently 
(Multimedia shooter) due to a vulnerability in Wordpress.  Now, I'm a 
smart enough guy to backup my database (unfortunately, they weren't) but 
who wants the hassle of dealing with a compromised website.

My reasons for wanting to host it myself are mainly just for the 
experience and just because I can.  I would also like that there aren't 
ads on my blog, so that's why I don't use LiveJournal or the like.

Very good points about not using an OS package manager since it does 
seem like it's very often that these webapps have vulnerabilities 
discovered.  Thanks for the input TriLUG!

Randy Barlow

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