[TriLUG] Wordpress alternatives

James Tuttle jjtuttle at trilug.org
Tue Apr 1 15:13:19 EDT 2008

I use a couple of plugins including Aksimet and don't get any comment 
spam on my blog.  I do get junk caught in the spam filters, which I 
clean out periodically, but spam doesn't appear on my blog.

I hosted at home for awhile.  It wasn't worth the hassle or the cost.  I 
have better speed, more availability, and more security with a host and 
I don't have to fool around with any of it.  I'm not a system 
administrator, though I have been before, and don't feel like spending 
my time with it.  I'd rather pay $5 a month for hosting and let someone 
else worry about hardware and software upgrades, uptime, and all that 
jazz.  Before I decided on hosting I played around with running Apache 
in chroot and running the entire system in a virtual machine so I could 
isolate the environment from the system it ran on.  Blech.  Now I can 
put my machine at home to sleep, wake it with dd-wrt wakeonlan when I 
want it, and not worry about being compromised.

Really, if the many eyes argument means anything then I would expect 
Wordpress, which I think is probably the most used blog software, to 
have a lot of eyes looking for bugs.

By the way, I and many of the developers I work with use OCS Solutions. 
  They're oriented toward developers and I've found them to be 
outstanding.  http://www.ocssolutions.com/


Chris Calloway wrote:
> On 4/1/2008 1:45 PM, Cristóbal Palmer wrote:
>> Fair enough. I guess I don't think of comment spam as a security
>> issue, but then again my blog isn't terribly popular, so...
> When you get comment spam for viagra ads and phishing scams, yep, it's a 
> security issue. And your blog doesn't have to be popular. There are 
> plenty of bots out there scanning for open comment blogs. Most of the 
> comment spam out there appears on abandoned blogs.
>> What I do with my wordpress installs:
>>   * Akismet
>>   * Bad Behavior
>>   * moderate 1st post by new registrant
> See, you *are worried* about blog security. At least enough to do 
> something about it.

---Jim Tuttle
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