[TriLUG] New Server Question, Part I - LDAP

Michael Tharp gxti at partiallystapled.com
Thu Apr 3 11:18:35 EDT 2008

Warren Weber wrote:
> - Would it be a good idea to have an LDAP server at home?

No. Practically speaking, you need at least 10 users and handful of 
machines to make it worthwhile.

> - What can I do other than with LDAP other than make Postfix happy 
> (ultimately, there will be more computers, both UNIX and Windoze, on 
> our home network that could use it)?

I've never seen postfix try to use LDAP out of the box, but I don't use 
the more "standard" distros (redhat, suse, etc.)

> - Would LDAP adminstration be a good skill for someone (me) to 
> have?

It's rather nice once things are up and running, but the first time is a 
major pain. Also, I'll warn you ahead of time: stay away from Kerberos! 
It's several orders of magnitude harder to debug when there's a problem; 
I still can't get postfix to work with my kerberos setup just for plain 
user/pass authentication.

I'd supply you some reading material for setting up LDAP, but I took the 
LDAP+Kerberos path so I don't know of any good ones for LDAP only.

> Many thanks!
> Warren

-- m. tharp

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