[TriLUG] Off Topic: Need Cisco Router Config Help

Tarus Balog tarus at opennms.org
Thu Apr 3 16:32:32 EDT 2008

On Apr 3, 2008, at 4:19 PM, Matt Pusateri wrote:
> Actually I think it's more of a DNS issue.  From the looks of things,
> the cisco is serving dhcp internally but pointing them to an external
> dns server, so when internal clients do a lookup they get an external
> address.  What I would probably do is either setup a subzone for
> internal use or setup a dns server inside that can serve internal and
> external dns and then use views to control which zones files get  
> queried
> based upon whether your inside or outside.  The outside zone could  
> even
> possibly slave off the existing external DNS server.

We actually use an internal DNS while in the office that doesn't  
involve the router. We could set up a "split horizon" DNS server but I  
was hoping for an easier answer. I'll try the "no alias" bit.


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