[TriLUG] Hiding USB thumb drive partitions...

Craig Taylor ctalkobt at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 13:39:07 EDT 2008

Not positive this will work but it's what springs to mind :

If you're nto needing access to that partition frequently might I suggest
changing the partition type for that drive? (fdisk /dev/<usb_drive> - 't'
changes partition type I believe. ).

Then you could throw fdisk on the stick and have it handy if you need to
'restore' that partition.

- Craig Taylor

On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 3:19 PM, Chris Knowles <chrisk at trilug.org> wrote:

> So, I have recently turned in my 128MB USB thumb-drive, and upgraded to
> something more this century.
> 2GB.
> (Yeah, yeah, I know, there's 8GB ones that are pretty cheap, but I
> really only needed the 256MB... so this is way more space than I need.)
> So I decided to put the sysrescCD on it.  Works great.  But now when I
> put the drive in to store stuff on it, I see all the files needed for
> that... they just get in the way.
> So I repartition it, 256 for the sysresccd and the rest for me...
> Now I see 2 drives when I insert the thing...
> So, finally, my question.  Is there a way to make Linux (and other OS's
> that shall go unnamed) ignore the first partition on this drive, while
> still leaving it bootable/usable as the sysresccd?
> TIA,
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