[TriLUG] how do USB disks and USB wifi cards work?

Ritesh Kumar ritesh at cs.unc.edu
Mon Jun 9 14:10:33 EDT 2008

I am curious, does it take licensing fees to adhere to a standard such as
USB Mass storage or something that Intel or AMD come up with (say AHCI or HD
Audio)? That could be enough of a deterrent. Also, given that most of these
devices are going to be in built in motherboards, there is little point in
paying for the overhead. Of course the cost is delegated to the less
commonly used operating systems.


On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 12:55 PM, Alan Porter <porter at trilug.org> wrote:

> > This seems like bad history being repeated. Is this a matter
> > of no-one sitting down together and saying "we're all going
> > to do it this way".
> >
> There is no motivation for network card manufacturers
> to create and adhere to a standard. Traditionally, they
> write and ship their own (Windows) device drivers. Why
> would they make the work any easier for competitors?
> Alan
> (who used to work for a large device manufacturer)
> .
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