[TriLUG] Is anyone attending NC*SA tonight? Can you briefly report on it?

Justis Peters jtrilug at indythinker.com
Mon Jun 9 18:50:19 EDT 2008

If anyone on this list could bring back some very brief notes from 
tonight's NC*SA meeting, I would offer a beer or fancy coffee drink 
(your choice) in return. I would like to have attended, but am not 
feeling well tonight.

A full description of the event can be found here: 
http://www.ncsysadmin.org/ and this is the abstract:
   "If you have the budget for a commercial (i.e. EMC, Netapp) high 
availability storage solution, then you're one of the lucky ones. For 
the rest of us, we'll discuss the nuts and bolts of how to use commodity 
hardware and several open source software components to build a 
low-dollar, high-availability storage solution.

You've seen the usual shared disk arrays and such, but this is 
different: this is clustered storage without any shared storage 
hardware. All you need is good network connectivity between the storage 

Even if you have the budget for /real/ storage for your core production 
apps, this could be an excellent solution for a development or lab 

I would also be open to hearing from anyone who may already feel 
knowledgeable on this topic. Mostly, I'm hoping for some product names 
and links to HOWTOs. I'm kind of hooked on meetups, too, but sometimes 
you've got to stay home. Thanks in advance to anyone who can pitch in on 
this topic. If you go (or are already there), I hope you have a great time.

Kind regards,
Justis Peters

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