[TriLUG] Read-Write PXE Boot Environment

ak dom akdom2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 12:25:14 EDT 2008

I'm currently trying to set up a PXE boot environment with five secondary nodes and one root.  I'm wanting to set up the five nodes each with their own root directory NFS mounted from the root node (no local storage on the secondary nodes).  I've already gotten an odd sliced up PXE boot (read only root, with some strange work-arounds for writing... it's how system-config-netboot sets it up) working using system-config-netboot (this is on fedora 9) but this doesn't appear to work properly with OpenMPI.   Has anyone done a read-write root mount with PXE Boot before or do you have any ideas?

~Alex Kesling


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