[TriLUG] ulimit and sudo

Mats Rynge rynge at renci.org
Tue Jun 10 17:06:13 EDT 2008

Christopher L Merrill wrote:
> When not logged in as root, "ulimit -n 10000" results in "operation not
> permitted".  However, when I "sudo ulimit -n 10000", I get "command not
> found".  I think this is because ulimit is a shell command, not an
> executable.  Unfortunately, that interesting tidbit doesn't help me
> at all in my search for a solution.
> Anyone have a solution to this?  We need to increase the file handle
> limit substantially to run our software under some conditions, but we
> would prefer not to be running as root to do it.

You probably need to raise the maximum allowed first. See


Add/change so you have:

*                soft    nofile          10000
*                hard    nofile          10000

Then, any user should be able to do "ulimit -n 10000"

Mats Rynge
Renaissance Computing Institute <http://www.renci.org>

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