[TriLUG] Read-Write PXE Boot Environment

ak dom akdom2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 19:39:56 EDT 2008

> Sounds like you're building a LittleFe! (http://LittleFe.net/)  (Maybe
> not, but a similar setup.)
> I'm pseudo involved in this part of a project right now on
> aforementioned LittleFe, but I don't know those details.  You may look
> towards UnionFS, and these now out-of-date pages may be of some use to
> you: https://wiki.cs.earlham.edu/index.php/BCCD .  You also may have
> more luck on the Beowulf mailing lists (http://beowulf.org/).

In fact I am doing this directly on a LittleFe.  The reason BCCD has been removed from the mix is... well... that it doesn't exactly work very cleanly at times.  Trying to change anything and get new things working on BCCD has been such a hassle that we've decided to get Fedora functioning happily instead (I know it's possible, the issue is just getting to that point).  The end goal being both to have a clean linux build for teaching parallel computing and to build a tutorial for other people to do the same if they wish to.

The real hurdle right now is just the aforementioned PXE issue:  getting the nodes to properly mount individual read-write directories.



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