[TriLUG] osCommerce, PayPal, and Linux

Glenn Starling GJStarling at charter.net
Wed Jun 11 15:29:27 EDT 2008


I am having an unusually hard time with the steps to get a client's
osCommerce and PayPal Standard talking to each other.  (I've not tried
it live, it's still in the Sandbox test area).  It's on a Red Hat server
hosted  where  don't have total access to the certificate storage areas.
Major questions:

* Are SSL certificates required since PayPal will be handling the credit
card info?  We've received conflicting info.

* Is someone familiar with this that could help me "offline" for a few
bucks?  This is my first client in a new business, and I need to get
moving FAST!

Thanks in advance!

-- Glenn
(910) 893-4188
Lillington, NC

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