[TriLUG] osCommerce, PayPal, and Linux

Glenn Starling GJStarling at charter.net
Thu Jun 12 09:01:15 EDT 2008

I've made some progress, but still need some help.  Is anyone
experienced with osCommerce and PayPal Standard that could help by phone
for about an hour?  I'd ask you to join me for lunch one day, actually
pay you, or just say "thanks"  -- your choice!


Glenn Starling

On Wed, 2008-06-11 at 15:29 -0400, Glenn Starling wrote:
> Friends,
> I am having an unusually hard time with the steps to get a client's
> osCommerce and PayPal Standard talking to each other.  (I've not tried
> it live, it's still in the Sandbox test area).  It's on a Red Hat server
> hosted  where  don't have total access to the certificate storage areas.
> Major questions:
> * Are SSL certificates required since PayPal will be handling the credit
> card info?  We've received conflicting info.
> * Is someone familiar with this that could help me "offline" for a few
> bucks?  This is my first client in a new business, and I need to get
> moving FAST!
> Thanks in advance!
> -- Glenn
> (910) 893-4188
> Lillington, NC

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