[TriLUG] Font/display changes between Fedora 7 and 8

Brian Daniels bitmage at pobox.com
Thu Jun 12 09:16:22 EDT 2008

Ok, long shot here, but I'm hoping one of the Fedora/RedHat guys might have an 

I've been running Fedora 7.  With the release of Fedora 9 it's going unsupported 
so I did a clean install of Fedora 8.  (I stay one release behind the current to 
avoid bleeding-edge issues).

Everything works fine - except I have eyestrain from heck.  By the end of the 
day it feels like my eyes are pinched together above my nose.

This is on the same LCD monitor and display card as before.  I've set all my 
fonts the same, along with KDE's aliasing/hinting options.  It didn't help.

I've tried the freetype-freeworld package, different brightness/contrast 
settings, a different monitor, a different video card, other fonts.  Nothing 

I reinstalled Fedora 7.  Ah, blessed relief!  But I can't stay on 7 with no 

Does anyone know what changed in font/screen/display rendering between 7 and 8?  
I can't go to 9, as the new KDE is missing features I depend on.


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Brian Daniels                  bitmage at pobox.com

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