[TriLUG] Free to a good home - old ace PC

Jim Ray jim at neuse.net
Thu Jul 3 19:11:13 EDT 2008

Well, I'll take a six pack of golden nectar from the heavens (bud
doesn't count) for my troubles of refurbishing the PC (blowing out dust
bunnies, loading new operating system, applying patches).

Dell Dimension XPS T600

But wait, that's not all you'll receive! For absolutely no additional
fee, you'll get the special mystery surprise.

Sorry, I don't have a monitor/keyboard/mouse yet will sacrifice this
treasure just for that special person. Comes loaded with OpenOffice,
fully tested, ready to roll. Won't crack, chip dent, or peel. Better
than scintillating sex. Add water, makes it's own sauce. Call now before
midnight tonight (well, make that 9 pm because I can't hang with the big
boys and girls until midnight).

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Neuse River Networks
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