[TriLUG] Bizarre web site

Jeremy Portzer jeremyp at pobox.com
Fri Jul 4 21:05:59 EDT 2008

Brian McCullough wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 03, 2008 at 01:40:38PM -0400, Justis Peters wrote:
>> I just did an experiment to confirm what I suspected and was pleased 
>> with the results. This technique preserves the existing protocol 
>> selection upon redirection offsite. If you have links between multiple 
>> web properties that you control, this would be particularly valuable. 
>> Any users who had chosen to secure their session by moving to HTTPS, 
>> probably by clicking a "secure my session" link, would be directed to 
>> the new subdomain with the HTTPS part of the URL in their browser. Those 
>> who had left it as HTTP would just get another HTTP session. It makes 
>> the whole thing appear more seamless, at least if all your SSL 
>> certificates are up to date.
> Interesting.  Thank you Warren and Justis.  I had never encountered ( or
> considered the possibility of ) "//" without the prefix.  I stand
> further educated.

I had never seen this technique either and have been working with web 
applications for over a decade.  Shows you learn something new every day 
- thanks guys. :-)


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