[TriLUG] Hosting questions

Charles Fischer fischer at 4pi.com
Tue Oct 14 09:40:35 EDT 2008

I am looking for some advice.  I am starting a new company and I am 
looking for a web hosting site and hopefully a web site 
template.  The company will be printing images onto hard surfaces.

To do that I need a big pipe for transfer of large (up to 50MB) 
images.  I do not expect the daily total to be very large, maybe 
1-2GB a day.  Following are the steps a customer would take:

1)  Select a shape for printing.  There will be about 10 shapes to 
start, and up to 50 sometime in the future.
2)  Download a high resolution image.
3)  After the image is downloaded, it will be down sampled to about 
72 pixels per inch and displayed over the selected selected shape.
4)  The user adjusts the size and position of the down sampled image 
over the shape.  I expect to write this in C and interface to Java.
5)  After the customer positions the image, the web application will 
prompt for address and payment information.
6)  Have the web application check the credit card information and 
inform the customer of success or a problem.

The web site will also have examples of finished products, contact 
information, order tracking and other common information.

So any suggestion of hosts, HTML templates, banks and whatever I have 

Charles Fischer

PS, I like local providers.

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