[TriLUG] Hosting questions

Charles Fischer fischer at 4pi.com
Tue Oct 14 10:01:28 EDT 2008

Customer->Server.  I was looking at it from my point of view.

At 09:44 AM 10/14/2008, you wrote:
>One point of clarification:
>When you say "download," do you actually mean download
>(server->customer) or upload (customer->server)?  If you are in the
>printing business, I would expect you to be receiving the high-res
>images, not sending them...?  Depending on your hosting solution,
>bandwidth-usage terms may be asymmetric.
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>I am looking for some advice.  I am starting a new company and I am
>looking for a web hosting site and hopefully a web site
>template.  The company will be printing images onto hard surfaces.
>To do that I need a big pipe for transfer of large (up to 50MB)
>images.  I do not expect the daily total to be very large, maybe
>1-2GB a day.  Following are the steps a customer would take:
>1)  Select a shape for printing.  There will be about 10 shapes to
>start, and up to 50 sometime in the future.
>2)  Download a high resolution image.
>3)  After the image is downloaded, it will be down sampled to about
>72 pixels per inch and displayed over the selected selected shape.
>4)  The user adjusts the size and position of the down sampled image
>over the shape.  I expect to write this in C and interface to Java.
>5)  After the customer positions the image, the web application will
>prompt for address and payment information.
>6)  Have the web application check the credit card information and
>inform the customer of success or a problem.
>The web site will also have examples of finished products, contact
>information, order tracking and other common information.
>So any suggestion of hosts, HTML templates, banks and whatever I have
>Charles Fischer
>PS, I like local providers.
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