[TriLUG] [JOB] Seeking Linux-savvy QA Engineer(s)

Shane O. shaneodonnell at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 14:46:54 EDT 2008

BlueStripe Software, a well-funded start-up located near the RDU airport,
has just launched its first product, FactFinder (more details here:

Filling a void in the virtualization marketplace, BlueStripe delivers
application visibility for businesses transitioning to virtual datacenters.
The product is made up of "Collectors" (agent technology) and the FactFinder
Console.  The Collectors analyze behavior of processes and connections which
establish the underpinnings of "business transactions", identifying which
machines have dependencies on other machines, how those dependencies are
executed, how connections are performing, and ultimately -- which part of
the business transaction is being impacted (or is likely to be impacted) due
to changes in the virtual datacenter.

We are a growing business and need to increase our QA team's capability in
cross-platform testing/support.  As such, we need a QA professional to add
to the ranks.

The successful candidate will have:

 - A degree in Computer Science or related field and/or significant work
experience in the industry
 - A strong IT aptitude
 - An intimate knowledge of systems administration across multiple platforms
(Linux & Windows required)
 - A view of QA as a career -- not as a step to get somewhere else
 - A self-starter mentality and ability to work unsupervised
 - Ability to deploy and administer a testing framework
 - Strong scripting abilities in multiple "languages"

The dream candidate will also have:

 - Successful start-up experience in a software PRODUCT company
 - Programming skills (Java and/or C)
 - Deep knowledge of system/kernel internals
 - Ability to leap tall buildings in single bound
 - Experience with network/systems/application management tools/frameworks
 - Experience with VMWare ESX, Xen, or Hyper-V

We are hiring IMMEDIATELY for this position(s) and we also have
opportunities for Sr. Java and C developers, including UI design/coding
(Java Swing).  Compensation is competitive (salary & equity) and benefits
include medical/dental/vision coverage and retirement savings plan.

If you are interested, please send a resume to the hiring manager:
shaneo at bluestripe.com.

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