[TriLUG] Interested in participating in a Beta program?

Shane O. shaneodonnell at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 11:17:02 EST 2009

All -

BlueStripe Software is in the process of adding Linux support to our
list of supported platforms.  We're in the final throws of our Beta
test and wanted to invite members of the local Linux community to
participate and provide feedback on the product.  As such, consider
this an open invitation to participate in our Beta program.

What does BlueStripe do?  Our product -- FactFinder -- is an
application service management product designed for the virtual data
center.  Effectively, our Collector watches process creation and IPC
between systems (whether virtual or physical), providing a centralized
view of what processes are dependent on other processes, an assessment
of application health, and a mechanism to do triage of problems in
complex, n-tier application environments.  Needless to say, the tool's
not for everybody, but it IS for a LOT of folks.  More information is
available at our website:  http://www.bluestripe.com/

Today, our Linux support addresses Red Hat (or CentOS) 4.2 or later
(We're a Red Hat partner).  Our Beta program provides
fully-functional-but-time-limited software to our Beta participants.
We're interested in validation that the information we provide is the
key information that application administrators in Linux-based data
centers are looking for.  Initial feedback has been good, but perhaps
a little too "sterilized" for corporate consumption.  I'm more
interested in my TriLUG compatriots providing an unabashed "This sucks
and this doesn't" sort of review.

Interested?  Ping me here or at my work email -- shaneo at bluestripe.com.

Thanks for your interest (or at least for reading this far) -

Shane O.

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