[TriLUG] KDE4.2 file browsing issues on Fedora 10 x86_64

Brian Daniels bitmage at pobox.com
Mon Feb 23 13:44:46 EST 2009

Anyone else seeing this?

While using my system, Konqueror/Dolphin will suddenly become very slow, taking 
45 sec to list directories.  Using ls in a shell works instantly.  Copying will 
also become very slow, with long pauses before the copy starts.

During the delay, system load looks normal.  It's like something is blocking in 
the background waiting for some event.

Logging out and back in will fix it.  Or it will often fix itself (!) after a 
random amount of time.  Until it starts up again.

My home dir is ext4, in case that makes a difference.


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Brian Daniels                  bitmage at pobox.com

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