[TriLUG] Debian on PowerMac G4

Chess Griffin chess at chessgriffin.com
Mon Feb 23 15:38:53 EST 2009

* Dave Sorenson <dave at logicalgeek.com> [2009-02-23 15:02:40]:

> I moved mine back to my servers after a couple of weeks of too much Ham 
> getting thrown in with Spam.  I was spending more time trolling the spam 
> folder than I liked. I'd move back if you could tweak or turn off the 
> spam filters more effectively.

I found Google's mail service terrible for my domain.  For me, Google's
spam filtering was really not very good and their IMAP service was
horribly buggy and very, very slow.

Personally, I prefer to keep my email hosted with a good email provider,
like Fastmail or Tuffmail.  Tuffmail's service rocks -- the owners are
true unix-geeks and their spam filtering is second to none.

Chess Griffin
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