[TriLUG] ECC RAM failure data - jre

john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Thu Feb 26 06:27:06 EST 2009

Do you use ECC RAM? Do you have any data about failure rates?

I'm evaluating this for a system with 8GB DRAM, &
"Tests[ecc]give widely varying error rates, but about 10-12upset/bit-hr
is typical, roughly one bit error, per month, per gigabyte of memory.

In most computers used for serious scientific or financial computing and
as servers, ECC is the rule rather than the exception, as can be seen by
examining manufacturers' specifications."

So, for that data 8GB DRAM is about 8 errors per month, ie about
one per 3-4 days.

What rates do you have?

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